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We create Optimized products which can be shared to bring transformational results to the end user and financial freedoms for families. Our vision is to be the number 1 Network Marketing Corporation Globally, delivering a better future to millions worldwide. Working ethically with people that are driven by massive success.
We strive to work with and develop the finest, hard-working, ambitious community. We currently have a network that is the most driven group of people from all walks of life that we could wish for. Now is the time to take action towards your dream life.
Our team is growing together with us and is a part of a constantly increasing movement. Here are some of the life changing stories from our people. You can also make one.


Amber Smart

The freedom and flexibility this job gives me is truly amazing and completely life changing. There are always new experiences to look forward to every week and the collective growth in this company makes a huge difference. You are able to create an amazing life for yourself and spend time with the family at the same time

Stacie Natasha Hicks

My best experience in TS-life was in November, the same month as I gave birth to my son. Me and my team had the biggest month since I joined TS-Life where we sold more than 350.000 pounds worth of product in one month and ranked our team as number 4 in the whole company.

Razia Mohammed

I joined TS-Life because I wanted to spend more time with my child instead of using daycare, and I have that possibility in this company because I can work from wherever I want. I also believe in the ethos behind the company and the culture they are creating.

Lies Frenay

I use all the products from TS-Life and they have really helped me achieve my goals. I would dare to say that we have the best products with amazing results. Another reason to work here is that everybody has a chance to earn unlimited salaries in this company and people are winning

Rizwana Dalal

My expectations have been met, but they have also expanded a lot since I joined TS-Life, because I have seen what’s possible to achieve here. I did not expect to achieve as much as I have, which has made my personal ambitions grow a lot since I joined.

Jessica Do Nascimento

The biggest change in my life since I joined TS-Life has been the extra time I have to spend with my family. In my old job it was very hard to get enough time to be with my kids, but now I can work from anywhere I want, which gives me a lot of time to be with my family and the ones I love